How to Quickly Cut a Pomegranate


Pomegranates are in season during December which is why you see them frequently in recipes and cocktails. I found what Fresh Market dreferred to as a giant pomegranate and was it ever. My friend Terri asked me how to cut one and I remembered that my colleague Regina had done a quick video on how to do just that.  

Those little garnet gems or arils are so pretty added to a green salad, mixed with fresh fruit or stirred into cranberry relish. Leftovers make a tasty topping for yogurt too. If you haven't tried, cut one this season and you'll be a forever fan of the arils. Remember, ditch the skin and the white pith. You only eat the bright red seeds/arils.

Try our Zesty Pomegranate Mocktail. Perfect for the holidays or any celebration. 

Thank you to my student Pitchaya Pattasema, Undergraduate in Nutritional Science and Dietetics at the University of Nevada, Reno for this tasty mocktail recipe.

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