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Helping you conquer weight regain with a focus on your transformation and nutrition after bariatric surgery.

Hi, I'm Dietitian Dr. Susan Mitchell

Your nutrition and health, your journey and transformation, and your success after bariatric surgery are my focus. As a registered dietitian nutritionist I help you conquer weight regain, cravings and emotional eating with the Bariatric Surgery Success (Tools You Need for Your Transformation) podcast, meal plans, fun easy recipes, cooking tips, snacks & more.

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Whether you've had bariatric surgery or plan to, this community is for you. Your nutrition and health, your journey and transformation, and your SUCCESS after bariatric surgery are my focus. Whether you want to conquer weight regain, cravings or emotional eating, or deal with dumping syndrome, this is the group to share and talk about whatever is a real pain...whatever frustrates you and holds you back. The great thing about a private group is that you can share what's on your mind and find support and accountability.

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It's All about the Protein

The 5 Fast-Ways Guide to Add Protein to Your Diet

Tired of cravings and night eating? Want to prevent weight regain after bariatric surgery? Let's add protein sources you actually eat and enjoy.

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It's a beautiful new day. No dumping syndrome allowed to ruin it right?

Here's a FREEBIE checklist with four ways to prevent dumping syndrome from dumping on your day. Download it now and put them into practice. 


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6 Tips to Eat Mindfully

Grab our freebie for six easy-to-put-in-place tips. When  you start to eat mindfully, you'll be much more in the moment and aware of what you're doing...this means LESS mindless eating. Get started now. 

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