Bariatric Surgery Meal Replacements Review

By Susan Mitchell, PhD, RDN, FAND

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You know those days when it's just not happening? You need to go in the kitchen and prepare meals but you can’t seem to even crawl in there. You might be wondering if there are prepared or semi prepared meals that work after surgery. Whether you’re single or have a family to feed, the good news is that there are numerous meal options to check out. 

Dietitians Gayle Smith, Isabel Maples and I looked at numerous prepared and semi prepared meals that can be ordered online. We had specific nutrition criteria in mind so that the meals would work for you after surgery when you’re at the point to eat regular food again. 

Here are the criteria we looked for:

Calories: 250 to 400 per meal

Protein: 15 to 30 grams per meal

Carbs can be 5 grams up to 15/20 grams per meal

Fiber can be 3 grams up to 10/15 grams per meal

Sodium can be 100 mg up to 300/400 mg per meal

You can use these same ranges to critique meal options you’re interested in too as there are many meal companies to consider.

There are so many companies to consider. Here are a few we looked at closely. Please know that these companies could change the next day so always use the criteria above and look at them closely. 



Hello Fresh at

Home Chef at


Tiny Tummyz

If you want to hear all the deets at the time we did the critique, listen now to EP 91 Bariatric Nutrition Q & A #8: Your Questions Answered