Medical Disclaimer and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disclosure:

Medical Disclaimer: The content provided on this web site is for information purposes only. It is intended to provide reference material and is not designed to provide medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider regarding any medical issues you have relating to symptoms, conditions, diseases, diagnosis, treatments, and side effects.

FTC Disclosure: As nutrition communications consultants for digital and traditional media, we consult for a variety of food and nutrition organizations, PR firms and companies. Before we agree to work with any client we carefully evaluate their products and services as well as the information they would like us to communicate to ensure that it’s accurate and backed by peer-reviewed evidence-based science. We do not work with companies whose products or philosophy do not match our personal and professional beliefs.

As a registered dietitian nutritonist  and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I am bound by the Code of Ethics. The Code requires that I conduct myself with honesty, integrity and fairness and support and promote high standards of professional practice utilizing evidence-based scientific principles.

I strive to be totally transparent disclosing to the media organization or in blogs, interviews, social media posts or comments on websites my professional credentials and the organization for which I am consulting. While the information I convey may support my client’s objectives, the opinions I express are my own and based on current scientific evidence as I interpret it.

Any sponsorship or item given to me will be disclosed. If a company sends me a product, it will be disclosed and will in no way influence my opinion or review of that product, good or bad.

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