New Hope Girls Partnership

This page contains some affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, none of the fees have been increased to compensate me. In fact, often I receive special discounts to pass on to you. 

I am all about empowering you, my bariatric community to know you are worth it. I want you to learn how to use food and nutrition to be healthy and get out there and live life. I love that New Hope Girls also empowers women and provides places of refuge and transformation. New Hope Girls, which is based in the Dominican Republic, fights trafficking, abuse and exploitation. Their mission is to rescue girls and empower women. As the demand for their beautiful bags grows, so does the need to hire more women.

There’s a significant emotional connection to food and food choices. From stress to abuse to trauma, what goes on in the heart and head affects what happens with food. My podcast listeners, my are going through your own transformation journey. It may not be the exact same type of "hard" as the New Hope Girls have experienced, but you certainly have been through a lot. I love that transformation is a concept that binds us together. It honors our journeys and how we are all a work in progress. You are created for more. Our messes, hardships, and challenges do not define us. Put one foot in front of another with confidence that you are worth the work and transformation is possible. 

Below are photos of the types of beautiful products made and sold. If you wish to support New Hope Girls by purchasing some of their beautiful bags and other items, go to 

Use code TRANSFORM to receive 15% off your purchase. Each bag is handmade by one of their artisans and carries their message of hope

New Hope Girls has a workshop for adult women where they enter into transformational employment, are paid a living wage, treated with honor, and mentored. Each day they wake up and work to break cycles of exploitation and replace them with cycles of empowerment.

I am so pleased to be a partner with New Hope Girls. Their fabulous bags and other items enhance and support the transformation of my bariatric community. In turn, we can support the women in the New Hope Girls community with hope to change their lives.

Women helping women, it’s a powerful thing.