Golden Turmeric and Ginger Latte

Golden Turmeric and Ginger Latte

"One of my all time favorite drinks during cozy weather is a golden turmeric latte" says dietitian Pitchaya Pattasema. "I first saw this drink being offered at my local coffee shop and I fell in love.

Spiced with ginger and cinnamon, it's the perfect warm drink. Not only that, the health benefits are great as well. Both turmeric and ginger have anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. While I love the added health bonus, this drink truly tastes wonderful and looks amazing as well." So give it try and let Pitchaya and me know how you like it.


1 tsp Honey

Pinch of Turmeric Powder

Pinch of Ginger Powder

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 cup Nonfat milk (or milk of choice) {For a smaller bariatric portion use 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 tsp honey}

Pinch of Pepper 

What to do:

  1. In a small saucepan, pour in milk, honey, turmeric powder, ginger powder, and cinnamon and whisk until combined

  2. Heat on low to medium heat until warm

  3. Pour in a mug and enjoy! 

Serving size: 1 cup 

Nutritional Facts: 

Calories: 115 

Carbohydrates: 17.7 g

Protein: 8 g

Fat: 0 g

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