#35 5 Benefits of Water Workouts Before and After Bariatric Surgery

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Host: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dr. Susan Mitchell

How would you like to burn 400-500 calories in the next hour? Let’s get in a pool and make it happen. Did you know that water workouts can benefit you whether you’re preparing for bariatric surgery, already had surgery, are an athlete, elderly or just want to change up your workout routine? I have five benefits to share that may move water workouts to the top of your fitness list.

Hi, I’m registered dietitian nutritionist Dr. Susan Mitchell. You’re listening to the Beyond Bariatric Surgery podcast episode number 35. Let’s go beyond bariatric surgery together and talk about everything you need to move on.

Thanks so much for listening today. It’s you that makes my podcasts all worthwhile. It’s actually cool here today in Florida so you might be wondering why I’m talking about water workouts but if you’re in Australia and that part of the world, your enjoying summer. Water workouts including swimming or running in deep water where your feet don’t touch the ground are popular cardiovascular conditioning exercises with at least five benefits.

#1. The buoyancy of water creates an environment for an aerobic workout without the strain on the skeletal system. Injuries are rare, making deep-water running a good training option if you’re an athlete prone to repetitive stress injuries, if you’re elderly and susceptible to fractures or you just want a lower impact workout. These workouts also are smart to help with weight loss before surgery or after surgery, about four weeks down the track when you’ve been cleared by your medical team to exercise. Water workouts are fun…I love them…and since it’s low impact exercise, it’s a good way to get back into your regular groove of some type of movement.

#2. Your heart rate can be 10-15 beats per minute lower in water due to natural resistance against the body’s surface. The result is a decrease in blood pressure and improved lung function. Wearing a flotation device or what’s called a wet vest, such as an AquaJogger, can assist in maintaining good posture and form that allows for an effective workout. It’s my favorite way to work out. Our heat is so intense here in Florida, especially in the summers, that water workouts became my go-to years ago. I use an AquaJogger and some days I add hand weights and booties that make you work harder as you jog. Be sure and watch the super short video of Regina, one of my dietitian buddies and collaborators, showing you an AquaJogger, water weights and how she uses them.


Link to Video:  https://www.breakingdownnutrition.com/blog/5-benefits-of-water-workouts-before-and-after-bariatric-surgery

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By the way, I actually wore out my AquaJogger after years of use and had to replace it. For me, water workouts are a major stress reliever.

Benefit #3 for water workouts. Pool water temperature is usually lower than your body temperature, which increases your metabolic rate or rate at which your body burns calories. Who doesn’t love that?

#4. Water workouts can help improve your blood glucose or blood sugar level and have a positive effect on lipids like the cholesterol family.

#5. Of course I’ve got to mention the calorie burn, which is 400-500 calories for an hour workout…not bad.

These five benefits make water workouts effective ways to improve and maintain your health plus they are a terrific way to help lose weight as you prepare for surgery and then to help prevent that dreaded weight regain.


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