EP 159 5 Health Benefits of Bariatric-Friendly Almond Flour

bariatric surgery success podcast

HOST: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dr. Susan Mitchell 


This episode discusses the importance of controlling carb intake after weight loss surgery and introduces almond flour as a bariatric-friendly carb substitute. The use of almond flour in baking is explored, including tips for achieving the desired texture. The health benefits of almond flour, such as its protein, fiber, and healthy fat content, are highlighted. 


Oh how we love our carbs! But after weight loss surgery, watching how much carb you eat is important in your successful journey. Can you cut carbs in baked goods and snacks that you buy or make without losing flavor? Yes, you can. Have you heard of almond flour? Did you know it’s bariatric friendly? Plus, it has numerous health benefits you’re going to like. I’ll share at least 5.


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00:00 Introduction: Importance of Carb Control After Weight Loss Surgery

03:20 Almond Flour as a Bariatric-Friendly Carb Substitute

04:49 Using Almond Flour in Baking

06:39 Health Benefits of Almond Flour

08:33 Action Steps: Trying Almond Flour in Recipes


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EP 159 5 Health Benefits of Bariatric-Friendly Almond Flour