#98 Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Teixeira Stops by to Answer Your Questions

bariatric surgery success podcast

HOST: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dr.

Susan Mitchell 


Are you preparing for bariatric surgery or maybe you just had it recently. What questions are on your mind that you wished you had asked your surgeon? Bariatric surgeon Dr. Andre Teixeira is in the house answering your questions on this episode of Bariatric Surgery Success.

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Guest: Dr. Andre Teixeira

Instagram: @bariatricdrteixeira

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bariatricdrteixeira

Orlando Health

Bariatric and Laparoscopy Center

89 Copeland Drive, 1st Floor

Orlando, Fl 32806


Dr. Andre Teixeira is a board-certified bariatric physician for Orlando Health Physicians Bariatric and Laparoscopy Center in Orlando Florida. And he also works with bariatric dietitian Gayle Smith whom you know and joins me regularly on the podcast. In fact I recently read a journal article in Obesity Surgery written by Dr. Teixeira, Gayle and two other professionals on low calorie sweeteners. 

Some of the questions he answers include:

  1. When you see a potential surgery patient for the first time, what are the most common questions you are asked?
  2. Will I stop losing weight at a certain point and gain back?
  3. I feel like I am a slow loser. How much weight is average loss post surgery?
  4. What is the % success (keeping the lost weight) after a sleeve on long term (5-10 years)?
  5. How much weight will I lose?
  6. I am 2 years post op and I have not lost as much weight as I would like, not at 100 pounds yet, no gains though. Will this change?

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