#8 The Food Mood Connection

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GUEST: Amanda Clark, Bariatric Dietitian

Are you worried about money? Have you lost your job and concerned about paying bills? Maybe you’re going through a divorce. Maybe your bariatric surgery is more stressful than you thought it would be. Food and your mood are so interconnected. Let’s talk about this connection and how... what you choose to eat can influence how you feel.

Joining me via Skype from the Gold Coast in Australia is bariatric dietitian Amanda Clark who’s also the content director for this podcast. You met her on the first podcast…3 things someone should have told you about bariatric surgery. Besides keeping me on track you may recall that Amanda has spent 15 + years helping over 2000 patients. Creator and author of the Portion Perfection kit for Bariatrics, Amanda believes that when you see how much is right to eat, and you have practical tools to help you, you gain a much greater understanding of what to do and how to do it. Listen now!

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