#27 Alcohol Issues after Bariatric Surgery

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GUEST: Connie Stapleton, PhD

Was alcohol part of your lifestyle before you had bariatric surgery? Could alcohol be an issue after surgery? Is it tied to weight loss OR to your desire for food? Let’s ask psychologist Dr. Connie Stapleton some of these questions.

In this episode of Beyond Bariatric Surgery, we'll be exploring the topic of alcohol consumption after bariatric surgery. While many people might think of the physical changes associated with weight loss surgery, such as decreased appetite and improved mobility, there are also a number of lifestyle changes that patients need to consider, including how they approach alcohol.


I. Introduction to the topic

A. Explanation of bariatric surgery and its benefits

B. Discussion of the impact of lifestyle changes on post-bariatric surgery patients


II. The link between bariatric surgery and alcohol use

A. The effects of bariatric surgery on alcohol absorption and tolerance

B. The increased risk of alcohol abuse and addiction after bariatric surgery

C. The psychological and emotional factors that contribute to alcohol use after surgery


III. The potential risks and complications of alcohol use after bariatric surgery

A. The impact of alcohol on weight loss and nutritional status

B. The risk of alcohol-related health problems, such as liver disease and vitamin deficiencies

C. The importance of regular monitoring and follow-up care after surgery


IV. Strategies for managing alcohol use after bariatric surgery

A. Tips for minimizing the risk of alcohol abuse and addiction

B. Strategies for coping with emotional and psychological triggers for alcohol use

C. Resources for patients seeking support and guidance


V. Conclusion and summary of key points

A. Recap of the risks and complications of alcohol use after bariatric surgery

B. Discussion of the importance of ongoing care and support for post-bariatric surgery patients

C. Final thoughts and advice for patients considering or undergoing bariatric surgery.

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