#16 The Food-Mood Connection, part 2

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GUEST: Amanda Clark, Bariatric Dietitian

Did you know that food and what’s in food meaning the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients such as protein affects your mood? Food, your brain and your mood are so interconnected. In part two of the food-mood connection, let’s talk more about the food you choose to eat, what’s in the food you choose to eat and how it can influence your mood.

She’s back…joining me on the podcast is our content director and bariatric dietitian Amanda Clark. In part one of the food-mood connection we identified a lot of different foods you can eat more of to improve mood. If you missed episode #8 go back and listen. Thank you for your feedback. You asked us to delve even deeper. Cathy asked "So say we’re already eating really well but are still experiencing some mood issues like depression, are there some particular nutrients that are beneficial for mood?" We answer her question and share even more tips in part 2.

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