#150 Dealing with Food, Grief and Transition after Bariatric Surgery

bariatric surgery success podcast

HOST: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dr.

Susan Mitchell 


Wayne asked me to do a podcast on food, grief and transition. I bet you haven’t thought about these three going together.  But ask yourself, are you dealing with any grief that might be tied to your surgery?  Have you thought about how grief might be related to what you choose to eat and to the transition you’re going thru? Whether you’re preparing for surgery now or have already gone thru it, food, grief and transition typically get skipped over but taking a look at them can really be insightful to your success. Bariatric psychologist Dr. Connie joins me to dig into how grief is tied to food choices and to your transition. You don’t want to miss this.


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Topics we cover in this episode:

Why do you think that grief, transition and then the tie to stress eating and food, seem to be left out of the discussion…what are some of the reasons?

Does everyone experience grief following surgery and I’m getting really specific here…grief as it relates to the loss of food, or certain foods, that they no longer or should no longer eat? I can see both sides for you may also be thrilled after surgery that you may no longer be as focused on food.

Do you think feeling grief over the loss of food is a “normal” part of the process following bariatric surgery?

When you say ‘label it’ do you mean call it out, call it grief and deal with it?

Let’s talk thru the TRANSITION that takes place after surgery…there’s a lot to we don’t think about…

a.   Physical… transformation

b.   Biological … internally… hormones…

c.   Emotional… confidence…

d.   Social…

e.   Spiritual for some people

This might sound like an odd question but is the transformation process usually a happy time or a difficult time for people?

How long does this transition stage following surgery typically last?

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