#14 Binge Eating Disorder: A Problem for Bariatric Surgery?

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GUEST: Registered dietitian nutritionist and certified eating disorder dietitian Karen Beerbower, MS, RDN, CEDRD, LD, F.iaedp

Are you considering bariatric surgery? Do you think you may have binge eating disorder? The trifecta of binge eating, obesity and bariatric surgery can create a complex health situation.

We'll share information that's very real, honest and helpful. If you are thinking about bariatric surgery, you have come to this place for different reasons. No two of you are challenged by food or have gained weight for the same reason. Take the time to talk with a professional trained in eating disorders and bariatric surgery. It can help in the decision process as well as helping in the recovery journey to make your surgery a success.

Joining me from Orlando Florida is Karen Beerbower, a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified eating disorder dietitian. Karen serves on the Senior Advisory Board for the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals known as (iaedp), and is an iaedp Fellow. For years she was an instructor training bariatric physicians and brings her knowledge and experience to her patients in Orlando as well as through tele-health.

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