#139 7 Foods to Increase Nitric Oxide and Help Improve Heart Health after WLS

bariatric surgery success podcast

HOST: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dr.

Susan Mitchell 


Did you know that one of the players in heart health is called nitric oxide, sometimes referred to as N-O? The N-O level tends to increase after weight loss surgery. Did you notice I said increases? You might be wondering if that a bad thing as when your cholesterol number goes up. Actually, it’s the opposite, you want an increase in nitric oxide. Grab your phone or pen and I’ll share 7 foods that will help increase this nitric oxide level naturally.

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There are so many fabulous benefits that result from bariatric surgery. Several that come to mind are lower blood pressure, lower blood glucose, a lower c-reactive protein or CRP blood level which means less inflammation in the body, and an improved lipid profile, specifically cholesterol and LDL numbers which result in an overall improvement in cardiovascular or heart health.

Nitric oxide is actually made by the body. It’s produced in the body as an end result of a process in which nitrates in food along with antioxidants like Vitamin C are turned into nitric oxide.

Let’s take a look at 7 natural nitrate containing foods to add to your meals in the coming weeks. Listen for more information about each food:

citrus, garlic, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, spinach, beets, dark chocolate 

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