#124 How to Stop That ‘Fat Brain’ Feeling: Bariatric Mental Health Q & A

bariatric surgery success podcast

HOST: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dr.

Susan Mitchell 


Wayne told me that he use to have a disconnect between what he saw in the mirror and what he knew to be true from his scale and clothes. This disconnect is referred to in my Facebook group as ‘fat brain’. Do you feel it too? Your scales clearly show you have lost a lot of weight and you have changed clothing sizes BUT when you look in the mirror you still see your previous, heavier self. Wayne has worked thru this disconnect and today, we’re going to as well. 

Guest: Connie Stapleton, PhD

Website: http://www.conniestapletonphd.com

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Fat Brain Discussion: questions that Dr. Connie answers

Have you heard of what my Facebook group calls 'fat brain'? What is it?

What is body-image distortion and is it common after WLS?

Is this similar to phantom fat?

What causes this disconnect or feeling of fat brain/body image disturbances?

Is it tied to the idea of 'never good enough'?

What do you do if you have these kinds of thoughts and struggle with body image distortions?

How to retrain your brain.

Getting rid of stinky thinking.


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