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Go keto! It’s definitely your answer after bariatric surgery or so you’ve been told. But IS the keto diet the way to go after bariatric surgery?

Maybe the scale is starting to creep back up and you don’t like it at all. Go keto and lose that weight. But will a keto diet truly keep the weight off?

And what about your muscle mass? Does a keto diet protect that? My answer… keto, no: it’s not a top shelf strategy for after bariatric surgery and I’ll tell you why.

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It's All about the protein

10 tips that work daily for a successful journey 

Tired of cravings and night eating? Want to prevent weight regain after bariatric surgery? Let's add protein sources you actually eat and enjoy.

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Sick of dumping syndrome ruining your plans? 

Use my how-to checklist to help prevent dumping syndrome from dumping on your beautiful new day. 

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Are added sugars pushing your weight regain?

Use these easy tips to sleuth out those added sugars in your food.

Did you know that added sugars are basically empty calories with zero nutritional value?

Their carbohydrate-dense nature makes them a trigger for dumping syndrome while the extra calories give weight regain a push. 

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Apple Podcast 5-Star Review 



"Thank you for the very helpful tips! I’m getting ready to have the surgery and your podcast really helps me to learn more! Great format, not too lengthy, straight to the point. Love the energy and enthusiasm in your voice!"


Apple Podcast 5-Star Review



"I have listened to these many times. So glad you are back!"




"Thank you for this podcast, it’s the best one out there xx"


Apple Podcast 5-Star Review



"Great help for this life-changing journey. Glad to have found this podcast! So much information from the very beginning of the process to beyond the first few stages. Thank you for giving us extra tools for our toolbox!"


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